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We have lived in Chorlton, Manchester since the year 1999 tattooing hard to build on the fantastic reputation that we now have. People have travelled from all corners of the globe to be tattooed by our splendid artists.

Sacred Art is now one of the leading lights in the tattoo world and we are always striving to achieve the very best possible for our customers. We are a friendly bunch that are always looking for new and interesting people to tattoo or just to pop in and say hello!

We have six core artists delivering top-notch tattoo work of many different styles. Guest spots are available now and again to keep things interesting, but this is not a revolving door. Our artists can undertake every conceivable type of tattooing work and no piece is too big or too small.

Call in or call us for any questions on style, composition, pricing and availability. From all walks of life we have come together to offer not just only Manchester but also the world a unique tattooing experience.

While priding ourselves on the awards that we have won over the years this is only a small part of the studio ethos. What we strive for is a happy and content customer and splendid tattooing work.

While attending many of the different conventions, both national and international, this has enabled us to walk away with many of the industries top awards. This is the type of recognition that only hard graft and excellent ability provides.

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